Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I know corn grows in endless fields around here. But, there's something so cool about growing your own! I have two varieties growing, in 2 small boxes, instead of long rows. (That's supposed to help with the pollination)

It's a great plant for Dev to watch grow...it starts so tiny and gets SO big. And, she recognizes the cob.

Hopefully, it will indeed be Sweet Corn.

Oh my. I'm not even sure this is an "acceptable" back pack for Montessori. We haven't been to the parent orientation yet, but I know other schools don't allow "character" clothing or back packs. No Disney, no cartoons, nothing. I've got my fingers crossed they'll allow this awfulness for a few weeks...cuz' Dev's 1000% thrilled with finding a Barbie back pack WITH hair.

And, hey. She chose it, so I'm following that important principal!

Our bittersweet moment last Friday. These 3 women (plus Miss Irene, not pictured), meant so much to our family the last 3 years. Miss Noelle (the one holding Dev) was with Dev for the 2-Day 2's and 3-day 3's. Miss Cindy (in the middle) is the music and movement teacher and was the first person Dev came home and told us about. Miss Karen had Dev for her 4-Day 4's class where she truly flourished. So, it's been difficult for Devin (and me) to say goodbye and close the preschool chapter. She expresses that she "misses" St. Francis & is showing other signs of anxiety around the change of schools.

I've been slowly trying to adjust Devin's schedule the past few weeks, in preparation for school. We stay busy in the mornings & I've been pushing her into the afternoon...no rest time, more activity etc... Then early dinner (around 5:00) and bed by 7:00/7:30. The hardest part is getting her up at 6:30, so we have enough time for waking and breakfast. School starts at 8:00 am, but it's less than a mile from home.

As we're out and about, people say to her, "Ohhhh! Aren't you excited to start Kindergarten??" She just stares at them...because she isn't excited. She's anxious and unsure about why we're not at St. Francis and who her friends will be. Montessori allows for an individual plan, to adjust to school, so we're starting slowly next week. Devin will attend a few mornings in her classroom & serve as the "helper" to the younger children. We feel that might keep her busy and focused, plus give her a sense of being a leader. A few children are added each day, until the class in complete. Then, she will start the full-day routine. I'm thrilled about her teacher, Miss Katie. She's experienced, calm and always down on the child's level to interact and instruct.

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