Saturday, September 3, 2011

Week Two-The Roller Coaster

I'm going to take a few filler photos for Week 2, since I haven't touched my camera in weeks. Exhausting and confusing are just a few words I might use to describe last week. But, I'll start with some good...a visit from Papa and Grandma.

As always, Devin was thrilled to see her grandparents and soaked in the attention and fun. Showing off her mad swimming skills, was the highlight. We swam almost everyday this summer & certainly made the most of our pool membership. In May, we were splashing around the baby pool and taking small ventures to the shallow end of the big pool. Today, she spends most of her time doing various jumps off the diving board. Cannonball is her favorite and she makes quite a splash. I credit private swim lessons with a very patient teacher and lots of practice. She loves diving to the bottom for objects and we're working on actual swim strokes.

The second week of school was rough for everyone. I got a call mid-morning on Monday that Devin was getting upset at school, crying etc... She was consolable and engaging in activities & happy at pick-up. They just wanted to make me aware of what was going on. Based on what I've discussed with her teachers...a lot was going on last week. Her lead teacher was out sick and the room she was in needed to be tested for mold/fungus etc... So, she was just beginning to understand their routine, when it all changed. The teachers assure me that Devin does fine at school and is happy most of the day. I guess she saves all the drama for us, because the afternoon and evenings have been rough.

The most unusual thing last week, was a total meltdown at ballet class. She was in full panic/tears/don't leave me mode, even though she's been at this studio, with her friends all summer. Through the sobbing, she said she wanted to stay...but didn't want me to leave. Poor thing. I told her either way was fine and maybe ballet (right now) is just too much. I really underestimated how tiring full-day school is for her. We're going to try again next week, but I'm not going to push her either way. She continues to feel badly about this episode, crying at bedtime last night about it.

Watching her struggle with this change has been very difficult for me. I want to do everything in my power to help her through this the "right" way. It's so hard to know when to push and help her face fears and doubts. Or, should I be more lenient? My close friends have been so helpful through this....offering some advice that has really helped. It's so refreshing to have friends who can just listen and empathize. And, make me feel less crazy! I also switched primary care Dr.'s and had my first appointment on Friday. With 2 trips to the ER in 6 weeks for dehydration and nausea, I wanted the full monty check-up...and I got it. She spent 45 minutes taking a careful history and reviewing pages of lab work from the ER. I loved this new Dr. and am very thankful for the recommendation to see her.

(One of my favorite parenting blogs posted about this very topic here: Fearless Parenting) I've been fighting the urge to be a "helicopter" parent from day one.

So, we're relishing the 3-day weekend and I'm (trying) to look forward to next week. Devin's teacher and room should be back in place, so consistency with her routine will improve. They also get 2 lunches brought in this week, which I think she'll enjoy. Also, we're FINALLY expecting some rain...and Devin is excited about getting to go outside at school with her rain boots and raincoat. It's the small things sometimes.

As if we needed one more change, our friend TR is moving to Michigan today. We know it's best for him, as he'll be close to family and can work a job with better hours, but we'll miss him dearly. Devin includes him (as she should) in her list of "loved" people. This summer, he was with us almost everyday to fish, swim or just hang out. I'm not sure who's going to clean my kitchen after dinner...because TR always stepped in and did that for me:) (And, he does it "right" making the granite all shiny)

We've gently and vaguely explained that TR is moving to Michigan and we won't be able to see him as much. Her questions were fast and furious and we stayed intentionally vague. The last thing she needs is one more major change to deal with...and this is a big one. So, our plan is to let some time pass and keep in touch with Facetime and Skype.





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