Saturday, July 23, 2011

Return to Work

So, I guess I let the heat get the best of me. Or, caught a nasty bug. Or, both. But, after more than 24 hours of vicious flu-like symptoms, I had reached my limit. Matt dropped me at the brand new awesome ER, just a few miles from home. I was the only one in the department and they had a Dr. asking me questions within 10 minutes of walking though the door.

I was more dehydrated than I thought. It took 2 full bags of fluid to get me feeling even a bit better. Along with 2 IV pushes of Zofran, Protonix and something else I can't remember. All lab tests came back normal, so they turned me loose after a few hours. The Dr. said to take it easy and gave me this return to work slip:

I guess my family didn't get this memo, since I've spent most of today catching up with dishes, washing and cleaning. But, Matt, Mom and TR all stepped in to help watch and care for Devin over the past few days. She was adorable, showing concern and respect for me being so sick. She sat for 2 hours in the ER with me...never asking for anything, refusing to watch the TV or do anything other than stare at me and all the stuff in the room. (Don't worry, Mom walked around with her while they did the more unpleasant tests and procedures.)

So, we're all laying low this weekend. Perhaps a late afternoon trip to the pool and early to bed!

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Renata said...

I'm laughing out loud over here, but so sorry you're sick. You do need a sick leave policy! (And so do I.)