Monday, July 11, 2011

It's July!

I know it's July in the Midwest, but I still want to complain about the heat. Yesterday it was 97 degrees with a dew point of 80...for those of you keeping score at home, it felt like 117. Which meant we stayed at the pool, in the water for most of the day.

Dev's got a full blown case of ballet obsession going on right now. I loved this little gem she worked on during rest time yesterday. Not hard to guess this ballet...

It's been fun (and amazing) to watch her learning to read and spell. She's sounding out the words and doing her best to translate that to some letters she knows. Maybe it's my Mom brain, but I can read the "Odette" and "Odile" above!

The note below, just might classify as the youngest Passive Aggressive ever! Notice she starts with "LOL" to keep it light.

But, then it's note saying how she's ready to go to back to Holiday World again. To ride the rides. The next page was a bunch of numbers in rows, showing the dates she is available to go.

The gardens are loving the heat, since we've had plenty of rain. I can see why folks grow bush-type green beans. The pole beans are a mess!

Crammed into this garden are: Pole beans, tomatoes, potatoes, green peppers, hot peppers, peanuts, cucumbers, basil and strawberries. The community garden plot is also doing well, churning out bush beans, cucumbers, zucchini and pumpkins. My corn is also "knee high!!"

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Erin said...

very impressive garden! i LOVE devs ballerina picture. very accurate & cute :)