Monday, May 31, 2010

A Trip to Snow White

Thanks to Gaga, we had tickets to see Snow White at the Children's Derby Dinner Playhouse. For this show, we actually had breakfast! It was good, old-fashioned theater in the round.

(No pictures due to the broken camera)

Devin dressed for the occasion in her full Snow White costume. There were many little girls in costumes, so she apparently she got the memo. We were curious to see how she would react to the play. Our seats were on the floor, within touching distance of the stage. The lights fell dark and the play/musical started.

For the next hour, Devin sat motionless and 100% absorbed in the action. She didn't ask me questions, she didn't get restless...She. Didn't. Move.

The only time we spoke, was when her hands cramped up from being clenched tightly during the scary witch scene. You know, when the evil step mother drinks the formula to make her an old lady witch. It was dark, she had a booming voice and they played loud thunder and flickered the lights...pretty intense, for a 4 year old:)

Overall, it was a memorable experience for such a low-budget (yet charming) little play. The actors were excellent and the facility was nice. I highly recommend the breakfast brunch and play experience for the 4-10 year old crowd.

I spent the rest of the weekend dealing with suspected food poisoning from lobster. I cooked it myself at home, but I was the only one who ate it and the only one up all night sick. Luckily, I feel much better today and my energy is returning.

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