Friday, May 28, 2010

Summer Fun & Summer Accidents

Yesterday started so well. A trip to the new IHOP!! We ate smiley faced pancakes, of course.

Then, we went to the Zoo splash park. This shot was taken as soon as we got there.

Look how crowded it got within an hour.

So, it was all good! We met our friends and had a great time watching the kids splash. Close to lunchtime, we started the trek back to the Carousel. Now the bad camera took a nasty fall. I thought the beach towel caught it, but I was wrong.

The lens is stuck on and it won't focus or take pictures. I'm really hoping the camera body is it's a $100 lens on a $1000 camera. There's a camera repair shop in town, so we'll take a trip there next week.

So, that's the first of our summer accidents. I guess I'll take a broken camera vs. any broken parts on us, so I should stop complaining.


Renata said...

Eek! I was going to ask how the camera was doing. Hope it ends up okay. Dorothy has been talking about Devin, we'll have to get together again soon (with no accidents!).

Shannon said...

Thanks, Renata. I need to send you the cutest picture of Worth and his wonderful baby drool. I'm taking the camera tomorrow, to a place on Preston....they're supposed to be the best.

Erin said...

so sad about the camera.... hope it can be fixed soon & you will be back to taking precious Dev pics in no time!