Tuesday, December 8, 2009

1st Visit From the Tooth Fairy

I didn't expect it this early, but the Tooth Fairy will be stopping by this evening.

As always, Devin was amazing at the dentist. Even with NO2 & numbing cream, the process was painful and seemed to take forever. They used a small machine with tiny needle, connected with a wire. Dr. Yang made some amazing statements during this time, to help keep Devin calm:

1) Devin gets to eat ice cream for dinner tonight.
2) Dr. Yang has a red phone which rings straight to Santa & she will place a call to him letting him know how awesome she was.
3) Devin gets 2 prizes from the BIG (special) prize chest

Once she was numb, it was over in 30 seconds and she didn't seem to feel anything. Hooray for that. She got huge praise and a trip to the toy store for her icky morning.

She seems perfect, now. I cut a PB&J into small bites and she ate 2 whole sandwiches, a clementine, lemon yogurt and some watermelon.

I will post a picture of her new smile later:0

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