Thursday, August 23, 2012

Back To School 1.0

On the last day of school, way back in May, I remember looking at my calendar for the summer. As I flipped through the pages, I wondered how we would ever fill that much time. Now as August comes to a close, I really can't believe I felt that way! I realize Dev won't remember specifics from our early summers together, but I hope she has as sense of the fun we had. I thoroughly enjoyed our relaxed mornings in pajamas, swimming in the afternoons and exploring our city. We took another trip to Holiday World, and somehow had even MORE fun than the first trip. Devin's love for water spans into water slides and wave pools. She rode every ride they had to offer...even Pilgrim's Plunge! 


We spent lots of time in my garden.  I really can't cut these sunflowers for bouquets, they're too tall!  For never watering, record heat and drought...the sunflowers, Zinnia and tomatoes are happy.

My favorite cleaning task: STEAM CLEANING CARPETS!!!  Now I can share the black water of death with the whole world!


When it wasn't 100 degrees or more, we went on lots of nature walks. Photobucket

 Back to School Dinner Photobucket

Devin's choice!  We were surprised she didn't go with her usual...Corbett's.Photobucket


We enjoyed our dinner at the top of the building.  Devin ate 3 oz of filet mignon, caesar salad, fries and chocolate ice cream, I had the lobster!


So, then it was finally time to head back to school.  Except this time, Devin is a "big kid."  She is upstairs, in the school's elementary program.  We had one or two tears upon separation the first day.  But, I could already hear her giggling up the stairs when she saw her friends.  At car line that afternoon, she hopped in the car and said, "MOM!  Upstairs is wwwaaaaayyyyy funner than downstairs!!"

We are beyond thrilled with her first few days as an elementary student.  She seems calm, happy and centered.  Compared with last year, it's about a zillion times better.  At home, she talks pretty much NON-STOP about things that happened during the day.  In just 2 days we've heard:

     -Miss Marcia taught me to write my name in cursive!
     -Did you know there's going to be an election and we have TWO choices?
     -Two girls had their ear's pierced this summer at a derm-a-tol-a-gist.  Not the mall!

We're continuing with chess club this year, starting violin and she starts formal tennis lessons today.  Several of her friends from school are in a class at our club, so that is perfect.  She's always wanted to be in a group tennis class, but wanted some friends there too.  So, this should be perfect.


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Kelly said...

You're exactly right--she may not remember the specifics, but she'll definitely remember a "sense of fun" about the summer.

So glad her school year is going well, and I love her sense of style!


P.S. I always take pictures of the dirty water too.