Wednesday, August 1, 2012

3 Weeks Left????

Somehow, we only have 3 weeks before school starts.  I don't know how that happened.  We have stayed completely busy, spending most days running errands, playing at home and swimming.  It's been a wonderful time and I'm so thankful for being able to stay home with Devin.  We're all very excited for the new school year, as Devin transitions to the Elementary program at Montessori.  To me, this is where the real fun begins.  At this point, Montessori starts to be quite different from traditional schools and what most of us remember as school.  I get so many questions from friends and family about Devin's school and why we're choosing this route.  As with many things, it's both easy and difficult to explain.

So, I think this clip bit is a bit cynical.  After all, Matt and I managed to get through the "traditional" system without too much damage.  I guess we both are left wondering, "What if?"  What if we had been able to pursue our own interests and do things in our own time during our 13 years in school?

And, just one more link.  This Dr. talks about the science behind Montessori with a study done in Milwaukee, WI.  (Props to Milwaukee btw)  I love numbers and data, but a well-designed study (especially in children) is tough to come by.  He talks about a landmark study done in 2006 that showed numerous and significant benefits to a Montessori education.  And, not just test scores...clear differences in behavior, kindness and collaboration.

Ok.  I'll get off my Montessori soapbox now.  It's all very intriguing to me, as we make important decisions for our little one.

When Dev ordered a "Cotton Candy Shirley Temple" the other day, we had NO idea that actual cotton candy came with it. She squealed when the waitress rounded the corner. I guess sometimes I still forget she can read. So, now she actually reads the menu and decides what to order. As Judge Judy says, "The questions are going to get tougher!!!" And, they are. Take yesterday in the car. Mom, what does, "Abortion stops a beating heart mean?" Yeah. Good times.


We finally started getting some regular rain. The plants and grasses are much happier and my tomatoes are obscenely huge. The crazy hot weather, made for some unusual storms and clouds this summer. Photobucket Photobucket

I really don't care much for eggplant, but I wanted to try growing one: It worked! Photobucket

It's been really fun having Dev with me for boring, routine things like grocery shopping and dentist visits. She (and most 6 year olds) have a way of making things...interesting. Although, she seemed to take a little too much delight in watching me suffer at the dentist. I had to get a filling repaired, no big deal.


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

My most FAVORITE thing is finally upon us: OLYMPICS 2012!!!! So, I had a little Opening Ceremonies party:) What's more American than ribs, corn on the cob, mac n' cheese and RW&B chocolate covered strawberries? (It was too hot to bake Apple Pie or I would have)

 Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket


Megan said...

Shanz - I'm glad you posted this because I was going to email or comment to ask you what age Dev started Montessori. I know it was in the last year and a half - was she 4? We are deciding between a motessori and an international curriculum right now and because apparently Houston has a competitive private school system we have to enroll Jack this fall to start pre-school at 4. I'll probably put him in an MDO at 2, but did you think that you put Devin in Montessori at the right time or would you have started earlier? I'm sure whatever we choose will be fine. I just can't believe he's old enough for us to already start considering this stuff!

LOVE the olympic watch party! We are big into the water sports over here.

Shannon said...

I love to hear someone is considering Montessori. If I had everything to do over, I would start as early as possible. Even our toddler class (1/2 days) is completely different than a traditional preschool or MDO. It really is an incredible than builds on foundations of understanding. There are children Devin's age (who have been then for the full 3 year cycle) working at the 3-4th grade level...Plus, the strong focus on grace, courtesy and respect is important to us too. Good luck on your journey and please email me anytime for more information:)

Erin said...

yall are too funny having fun at the dentist. love the strawberries too!

Kelly said...

Again, I LOVE the pics of y'all at the dentist. I'm so jealous of your eggplant. I couldn't get mine going!