Saturday, July 14, 2012

Summer Check-In

Yesterday, Dev and I were discussing that we are about 1/2 through our summer break.  That seems impossible, it's gone so fast.

This picture pretty much sums up our summer so far. My mermaid spends more time underwater, than on land it seems.  Take today, by 12 noon we had already been in the water for 2 hours.  Today's trip was particularly interesting as we watched a young couple juggle 3 children under 5 at the pool.  Holy crap.  Matt personally saved the middle child from drowning once, when both parents had turned for a second to help the other children.  The lifeguards were at the edge of their seats the whole morning.Photobucket

At Devin's request, we started private swim lessons again with Miss Annie.  She really wants to learn the strokes, so they are working hard on freestyle.  It's a lot to coordinate, much like the tennis serve.  We've learned from experience, certain things are best taught by a professional the first time...less bad habits to work out later.

  PhotobucketShe is determined to be on the swim team next summer Photobucket We're still working on diving. Photobucket But, she is getting the hang of it!  Photobucket

We've also been working at my garden in the mornings.  The ridiculous, record-setting heat made this early summer garden season a challenge.  Sometimes, I had to water a couple of times a day to keep things alive, much less thriving.  But, the greens are happy.  So are the Zinnia and Sunflowers.  And, that's all I need to be happy anyway.


We spent the 4th of July holiday with family at Papa & Grandma's house.   It was such a fun trip, even though the 100+ degree days kept inside until the evenings.  The kids didn't mind at all and instantly started having a ball.  We ate delicious meals, played lots of games and learned that Devin will be getting a little GIRL cousin to play with soon!


It's fun to watch her natural connection and love for family.


They had a few good games of chess. Photobucket

They were even super-cooperative for a group picture in the HOT weather:)  Such sweet children...



Devin was super-sad to leave, but held it together for the trip back home.  We've resumed our intense schedule of swimming, crafting, organizing, shopping and cooking.  Devin seems to enjoy being a part of the weekly and daily routine.  We talk about meal planning for the week and look through cookbook pages for ideas.  Then she helps make the lists and find the items at the store.  Best of all, she loves the self-checkout lanes and doing all the work herself.  I make sure we shop super-early and don't hold anyone up...cause we take our sweet time.


Next week, Devin goes to a Montessori camp about archaeology and digging up treasures.  She's going with a friend from last year and is looking forward to her time back at school.  I'm hoping these small doses of being at school, might help the transition back in 6 weeks.  Because, we're having a whole lotta fun so far.


Erin said...

fun summer activities! love the swimming & fun with cousins. i hope she is having an awesome week at camp!

Widow World said...

Absolutely love watching all your activities. You wear me out! Miss being close to you and touching sweet Devin's face. I know both of you (and Matt too) enjoy every moment!