Sunday, June 5, 2011

More Summer Fun

I finally took Dev to the local library last week. I guess living a 1/2 mile from the used bookstore and the fact that our libraries are majorly sub-par, didn't have me in any rush to get our cards.

But, the experience was fun for Dev as we searched the computer for books of interest and then hunted them down in the stacks. She chose a couple of books about ballet, a few Martha Speaks books and I found a Tyler Florence cookbook.

We've been having regular play dates with her BFF:) These two are so amazing together...they're so agreeable when they play. I overheard ballet class, tea party, cooking, lots of Barbies and we did several crafts together.

Dev starts a series of 2-week Summer Camps this week. She goes in the mornings to the same preschool, with her favorite teacher and her friends. They spend most mornings outside as much as possible and focus on fun activities, splash days, crafts, nature and field trips.

We're wearing a path to the tennis club and pool. Dev's officially addicted to swimming...constantly pushing herself to learn more and do what she sees other kids doing. There's a 4.5 year old she sees a lot and plays with at the pool. Yesterday, we watched Maddy go off the diving board....alone. And, swim to the side. Guess what Dev wants to do now??

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