Sunday, October 17, 2010

It Was Magic!

Our day at Magic Kingdom was amazing. The weather was perfect. I've been to Florida a lot...several spring break trips in high school, college tennis playoffs, honeymoon and many others. But, this time was super-special. We had our 4.5 year old in tow.

Lucky for us, Dev's Papa and Grandma are Disney experts & know all the tricks.

See. You park at Epcot and ride the Monorail to MK. Less traffic!

There it is!

We started on Cinderella's Carousel. No line, familiar, all good.


Onto Splash Mountain. This was the ride she was most looking forward to. But, as we approached, she saw the 50 ft. drop. And asked, "Are we going on that?" I told her if she wanted...she didn't have to.

She looked at me like I had 6 heads and said, "Grandma, I want to ride with you. In the front seat! So we get really soaked!"

And, they did!

As soon as we cleared the gift shop at the end, she asked if we could, "do it again!" (We did)

On the Monorail home I had to snap this picture. Then, I started thinking. Are they being paid to sky write religious messages? Is it a hobby or a calling?

Do they think if someone's on the fence about accepting Jesus in their life, the sky writing will seal the deal?

Anyway, I decided I wanted a pair of Minnie Ears for my souvenir. Devin chose the same pair and finally got her giant sucker. (the sucker was something she'd been looking forward to since...well since she saw one at the Freshmarket months ago)


Of course, the strap hurt her skin after about 3 minutes.

Our little trooper was wearing out by the afternoon, so we returned to the condo to swim & relax.


Next stop? Epcot!


Megan said...

I bet Dev is tired but having the time of her life. I love that you're the kind of cool Mom that will throw on a pair of pink Minnie ears.

The only thing that scared me at that age was the Wicked Witch popping out with an apple on the Snow White ride. My parents still laugh about me waking up in the middle of the night screaming about someone offering me an apple.

Enjoy Epcot! I think Japan is my favorite. Minnie in a kimono - tres chic.

Shannon said...

Thank you Megan:) I'm definitely getting into the spirit of Disney!

Dev and I carefully planned our visit with a cute little guide made for kids. Each ride is reviewed for scariness, darkness, rough etc... Snow White was voted the scariest, so she chose not to go it, even though she really loves Snow White.

Wait til' you read my Epcot post....I LOVE Japan as well:)

Erin said...

oh how fun! i absolutely LOVE the pink minnie ears! can't wait to read about Epcot too!