Friday, February 19, 2010

It's a Mystery

It's Winter Break from preschool this week. Lucky me. Dev selects this week to get the weirdest sickness, yet.

Of course, as an awesome Mom, I had tons of enriching activities planned. But, then came the slight runny nose and sneezing. Followed by the cough. I thought we were battling a standard cold, but I was wrong.

Thursday morning, Dev woke up and immediately told me her hands hurt. A quick check and I brushed it off to waking up. About an hour later, she said her legs hurt. I checked and saw bright red, raised welts behind both knees. (And, her palms were red, hot and raw) I called the Dr. and made an appointment for 4:00 pm that day, after her nap.

It was almost 12 noon, so I was making lunch in the kitchen. When I brought lunch out to Dev, I noticed her lip looked weird. In just a few minutes, her lip was swelling like a bee sting. Within 5 minutes, her top lip was gigantic and I was already on the phone to the Dr.'s office. I told them we were in car ready to drive to the ER or their office...they said come in first.

At a good clip, our Dr.s office is about 7 minutes away. I made it in 6. Poor Wubzy was having some sort of reaction, we're still not sure of the culprit.

The Dr. ran several tests and we discussed various issues.

Here's Dev this morning...lip down, but welts up:(


I spoke with the Dr. for about 10 minutes this morning. Since Dev's not sensitive to anything, she thinks it's part of a virus.

Late today, she seemed MUCH better. Hives are still popping up, but her spark is back and her SASS is back.

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