Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lazy Blog Award

Ok. I win the lazy blogger award this week. (I have an excuse, with the dryer fire and all...more later)

Let me make up for it.

This Christmas, we got Dev this bike:

I was determined to avoid the, "Dora/Pink/Disney Princess crap that makes up 99% of the bikes in the stores.

So, I ordered this uber-cool Diamondback Della Cruiser. It was highly rated on Amazon, and worth every penny.

I discovered a new level of hell, putting this thing together. There were no specific instructions and it took me over 7 hours total.

And, it was entirely worth it.

I was reluctant to let her ride in the house. New carpet, new floors, cats. But, she's learned some of the fine details of riding a bike.

We're dealing with a mild respiratory virus this week. No gymnastics. No preschool. Low grade fever, cough, congested.

Everything else is wonderful and we're chugging along!

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