Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Bread Slice Index: 5

This is what happens in my town, when there's a Winter Storm Watch. There are rumors of an upgrade to Warning, but still.

Reporters at Kroger?

Combined with the fact that it's Wacky Wednesday...I mean Senior Discount Day, Kroger was insane. It was pretty damn near hysteria in the store, although Target was still peaceful.


Thankfully, Dev was at preschool and I shopped efficiently and ducked the reporters near the check out. Let's just say, I wasn't camera ready at 9:15 this AM.

My super favorite local weather guy has an awesome weather blog:

Belski's Blog

He pokes fun at the general public and issues a, "Bread Slice Index." It's a scale from 0-10...0 being no snow and 10 being a crippling, dangerous storm. This storm is a 5.

We're ready with snow pants, boots, mittens, hand warmers and sleds.

All we need is a little snow!!!!

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