Thursday, May 21, 2009

Garden Celebs

Just in case you missed the big front page article...

So, Suri and Katie we're not. (Nor would I want to be:)

But, our article is on the bulletin board at Starbucks and 2 garden mates have mentioned it....this is the big time!

Actually, Matt was busy sledgehammering my tomato stakes while Dev & I played at the park. He was leaving & let me know the reporter wanted to talk to me.

After about 30 minutes, Dev and I went through her usual total meltdown difficulty leaving the park. She was a snotty, angry, thirsty mess when I met with the reporter. Oh, I almost forgot...I was carrying all 34 lbs through the gate and grazed her leg on fence.

Seriously, you would have thought her leg had just been severed.

Thus, no pictures of my ever so photogenic 3 year old.

The on-line article doesn't show the best part! She took a picture of my row marker for the Green Beans:


A picture just like this one appeared at the top of the inner article as did a non-upset little girl.

And now I'm famous in the garden...

"Rock Lady."

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