Monday, November 17, 2008

The Croup

I'm surprised we made it to mid-November...but Dev's got the flu and croup.

Saturday we noticed a slight runny nose and general crabbiness. Sunday morning brought a low grade fever, more runny nose & general blahs for Dev. We kept her inside the entire day, as the weather is cold and crappy.

She seemed fine at bed, but was still running a low fever if the Tylenol/Motrin wore off.

She woke up around 11:30 last night with an awful sounding cough and high fever. (104.6 at the highest) She was shaking with the chills to the point of not being able to walk. The cough was almost a choking sound, so it was a bit scary.

I talked with our Dr's on-call nurse and she said it sounded like classic croup. The upstairs bathroom is perfect for the old-fashioned steam treatment & it worked like magic. Motrin and popsicles brought the temp down to 102-103, which was a relief. Devin's prone to high temperatures, so we're learning when to really worry.

I think the cough scared her and she would start to cry. Which makes the cough worse and her breathing gets wheezy and ragged.

Repeat the shower thing 3-4X and around 2:30am, she finally fell asleep until around 7:00am. High fever again this morning, but Motrin and steam made her comfortable enough to want to paint and watch some TV.

Grandma came over to make chicken soup. (patent protected)

She ate a nice bowl of soup, some ice-cream and some yogurt.

We both need naps at the moment & she's trying to fall asleep.

This would be the day they're re-paving our street. As in, digging up the first layer and completely paving the entire street.

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