Thursday, November 8, 2012

40 is Sporty

Last week I turned 40, which is the new 30.  And, I feel 25.  I did the math and it seems I'm 29 again!  I haven't talked much about it on this blog, but I spent a good portion of the last year feeling miserable.  It's been a very frustrating, painful and isolating journey, trying to find out what was causing my horrible nausea.  Doctor after doctor had no answers.  Friends would tell me, "Wow you look great!  What's your secret?"  Most of the time I would just say thank you and tell them I play tennis a lot.   The truth was, I spent days (and weeks) not eating.  Or, eating just enough rice and fruit to function.  Some days (a few in particular I will never forget) were very difficult.  Looking back, I don't know how I got through them.  If you can imagine spending every waking minute feeling like you're about to throw up, it was affecting every aspect of my life.  Grocery shopping, fixing meals, sitting at a restaurant, were straight up torture.

Thankfully, my primary care Dr. referred me to a GYN who seemed confident a change in hormones would help.  She was right.  I haven't had a single symptom since I started taking a new medicine and it feels like a miracle.  I have a new appreciation for feeling good...and normal.  I feel free to make plans and have fun, knowing I don't have to worry about nausea striking me down.

So, imagine my delight at the Corbett's Chef's Table for the Birthday dinner!  I could actually EAT!


Matt brought roses and Perrier home.  I guess after nearly 20 Birthdays together, he knows my style:)

On a different day, we decided to ask a couple over for dinner.  Which is a perfect time to try making a 14 layer cake!!  This is my kitchen prepped for baking.  The cake turned out great, but was a BEAST to get layered up.  The top 1/3 kept sliding around until I got the whole thing chilled in the fridge.  Our company seemed impressed!


More Jam: Photobucket

After 2 batches of strawberry jam, I wanted to try Blackberry.  (Plus Costco's Blackberries looked amazing)  Dev had a few days off school, so we went to work.  The jam tastes great, but I'm not a fan of all the seeds.  Next time, I will strain off the seeds before putting it in the jars.


Dev attended a Birthday party of a friend last weekend.  Remind me not to have 15 1st-4th graders at my house.  Ever.

Although, they did have a lot of fun!

This is one of her new, favorite friends who is a 2nd grader.  They really seem to have a great time with each other and I'm so glad has found girls she can have fun with.


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