Monday, March 14, 2011

An Early Spring Visit

I have to classify it as "Early Spring," because the Daffodils are in full bloom around here. But, today's weather was downright nasty. Nothing like 37 degrees and pouring rain to make you want to cuddle in front of the fireplace for 8 hours.

Which, makes me even more grateful for the weekend we had with Papa and Grandma.

Theybrought the only sunshine we've seen in a week!

So, off to the Zoo we went...

P&G quickly learned our routine at the zoo. Carousel first!

(The bright, 10:00 am sun overexposed most of my pictures....I used iphoto to make them tolerable)

Miss flexible will ONLY ride the Butterfly. It does not go up and down.





You know how there are some meals that are good? And, some meals that are great?

Then, there are some meals that are lifetime memorable.

We had one of those dinners Saturday night. I booked us the Chef's table at Corbett's and we ventured out with Devin. I booked an early time (5:30) and thought the private room would be perfect for our group.

It was.

Somehow, we all decided to order the 5-course pre-fix menu...which was amazing.

One of my favorite moments came when the team of servers delivered the Amuse Bouche to each diner. Without prompting, Devin tried the fried Risotto and declared it delicious. Each course tasted better than the next and we all sampled Devin's homemade Strawberry ice cream dessert. The servers kept her captivated with tales of a possible ghost in the old farm house. We explored the basement dining area & thought we saw a shadow....but maybe that was the pink champagne or espresso chocolate talking.

(Note to self. Espresso chocolate is not good for an almost 5 year old near bedtime. She was, literally, bouncing off the walls.)

We had a great weekend!!!

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